Brain Tumour UK

Brain Tumour UK

This project involved the complete rebuild of the organisation website using Drupal. We took the wireframes as specified by iMundo and created the CMS backend to deliver the various functionality required to drive the site.


iDonate Sagepay Integration

We have completed the work with integrating our iDonate Drupal based content management system for Charity organisations, with Sagepay payment gateway for collecting donations


Moving Data Online to best achieve success in Data Migration

Moving your data from offline to online can be fraught with difficulties. Worries about losing records, incompatibilities, yet with the right tools this needn’t be the case


The Skills Shortage You Have The Right People On Board?

What if you don’t have the in-house people that you need to update your website, how do you go about finding the right people to outsource this work to and how do you know you have made the right choice?


Choosing A CMS

...what is the right one for you?

When the time has come when you know you need to update your web platform, how do you decide what platform is going to be best for your company?

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