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Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network's New Home

Custom Modules Deliver Front Page Flexibility

Retaining an audience for your website means keeping content fresh and exciting.

For Cartoon Network (EMEA) this meant giving content editors the ability to add and remove different kinds of content across each of the 14 country sites.

Flexibility is KEY

The Cartoon Network sites are aimed at young people and although the site is highly focused and targeted, the digital content managers needed more flexibility, in order to adapt to both visitor and advertiser needs.

We were engaged to build the administration interface that allow this requirement to become a reality. Working with the Digital content team, we designed a solution that allowed them to control all the content of the site homepage, the solution we built ensured that they could deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

As a result, the new UK and other European websites are able to deliver content on their homepage that is tailored to their individual markets.

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